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LUXSTART is a reputable and trusted company formation agent in Luxembourg, helping both EU and non-EU citizens legally register their commercial entities in Luxembourg in the quickest and most trouble-free way. Incorporating your company with LUXSTART you have the privilege of having under the same roof not only the best tax and legal advisory for business structure setting up, but also well-informed specialists to help with corporate services, account-ing, tax compliance, central administration, and residence. Our ex-perts stay ‘au courant’ with the Luxembourg company legislation and are ready to guide you through each and every step of incorpo-ration to ensure that your business gets the best start. Clients’ satis-faction is paramount to us, we guarantee solid partnership whose main objective is your interests.

The process of setting up a company in Luxembourg is not a complicated one, in general but it’s even more simplified with LUX-START. You can incorporate your company in Luxembourg in 5 simple steps.

1. Select the name of the company

The Luxembourg jurisdiction does not impose any special or strict regulations with respect to company names. However, as a general rule, the name of the company should not be related to the company’s purpose and it should be totally unique from any other com-panies already registered in Luxembourg.

2. Draft articles preparation

The founding shareholders should prepare the articles of association and submit them to the notary. The following languages would be accepted: Luxembourgish, German and French. If the original articles are in English, it is prerequisite to translate them into the aforementioned languages.

3. Deposit the initial capital

If the initial capital is in the form of cash, it should be paid to a blocked European account. After receiving the money, the bank will send a statement to the notary as a payment confirmation. In case the initial capital is not in cash, a report made by an independent auditor should be sent to the notary as the evidence that the value of the material invested equals the value of the shares given in return.

4. Notarize the articles of association

At this stage, the drafted articles of association should be presented to the notary for recording and notarization. Basically, this completes the company formation process and after this, the company can commence its business activities.

5. Publication and Registration of the articles of associatio

It is also prerequisite that the articles of association should be regis-tered and entered into the commercial registry. After successful registration, they should be published in the Official Gazette.

Corporate services

LUXSTART is truly a one-stop-solution in company formation. The secret behind our wide range of corporate services is in our diverse team which consists of a lot of experts from various fields. Our goal is to anticipate all the needs of our clients so that we could deliver a full package of services. There are a few services you can get at LUXSTART as well.

Company formation in Luxembourg
Tax planning
Trust services
Corporate administration
Work permits
Trust services
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As your company is growing, you will probably find out that some amendments in your initial documentation are required. In case you need assistance with name amendments, share amendments, trans-ferring one company type to another among other related proceed-ings, you can always contact LUXSTART. Our experts are well versed in this sphere and will properly guide you in the best and most conscientious way.


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