Accounting packages

Keeping up with your accounting can be daunting. Let Luxstart take care of your accounting all year round so that you won’t have unpleasant surprises when the reports are due. We’ll provide you with timely, up to date and transparent records throughout the year.

Would you like to focus on other important aspects of your business without worrying about accounting? You are just one click away from achieving this! Simply select the package of your choice below or get in touch with our friendly team if you need some assistance with which one to pick.



Best for companies earning 800K€ annually

  • 160 transactions per month
  • 160 receipts per month
  • 3€ for additional booking
  • VAT declaration included
  • Cloud access



Best for companies earning 400K€ annually

  • 75 transactions per month
  • 75 receipts per month
  • 3€ for additional booking
  • VAT declaration included
  • Cloud access



Best for companies earning 200K€ annually

  • 30 transactions per month
  • 30 receipts per month
  • 3€ for additional booking
  • VAT declaration included
  • Cloud access

Special accounting packages

Holding companies


Best for Holding companies

  • 10 transactions per month
  • 5 receipts per month
  • 3€ for additional booking
  • Cloud access


We provide high-quality comprehensive and strategically focused global transaction services for both buyers or sellers. Regardless of what business stage you are at, our dedicated specialists’ focus on value will help you get one step ahead. The secret to our outstanding service is owed to our highly-qualified professionals and industry experts equipped with the right resources to ensure successful transactions. Our team stays current with all the rules and regulations in Luxembourg in order to provide deep and valuable local knowledge to our clients.


Receipts are essential documents recording payment proof. In business, they are important to record different transactions that the business makes. For instance, your employee used his/her personal finances to book a cab to go to a business meeting and paid for the partners’ lunch. You will have to reimburse these expenses to the employee. In order to confirm the exact sum, the employee used, you will need a cab ride bill and restaurant receipts.


Bookkeeping is an essential factor in preparation for a company’s annual accounts. Our staff is able to analyze and compile data from various legal and administrative documents and record them in the company’s books. Bookkeeping services comply with generally accepted standards as well as with local regulations in Luxembourg.


Our main aim is to provide professional, timely, and economical services which allows you to deal particularly with issues of personal business development. We will ensure that all the payroll regulations and laws are complied with. We can deliver customized stand-alone payroll processing service to our customer on demand. Also, we ensure accuracy and a wide range survive customized to your requirements.

Other packages
Dormant company (mandatory declarations included with any activity) 750 EUR
Other accounting services
Annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, annexes) 550 EUR
Company annual tax return 550 EUR
Annual VAT declaration 200 EUR
Accounting hourly rate 120 EUR
Tax advice hourly rate 200 EUR
Setup 55 EUR
Payslip 22 EUR
Payroll hourly rate 90 EUR

Key definitions:

  • Transaction

Transaction means ‘every time you withdraw money from or deposit money into your corporate bank account’. Let’s say a florist pays his supplier for flowers, salary to his cashier and then receives payment for wedding decorations. That makes 3 transactions.

  • Receipts

Receipts are business-related expenses: your employee took a cab to go to a business meeting and paid for the partners’ lunch. You reimburse these expenses to the employee. The cab ride bill and the restaurant bill make 2 receipts.

  • Payroll

Payroll is the documents a company needs in order to account for salaries and social security payments. These records must be tracked for every employee

  • Booking

Any transaction or receipts